Embracing the Acting Journey: Andrew Hefler, Attila Sowunmi
April 7, 2023
From the stunning St. Stephen's Basilica to the iconic Parliament building, Andrew Hefler, an accomplished American actor, director, and trainer, and Attila Sowunmi, a Hungarian and Nigerian descent ex-athlete turned model and actor, strolled the picturesque streets of Budapest while engaging in a meaningful conversation about acting. As they walked, they discussed various aspects of their craft, including the importance of social functionality and establishing connections with others in the industry for overall success and well-being. They also delved into finding one's purpose and passion within acting, highlighting the role of determination and hard work in achieving their goals. Anecdotes from personal experiences were shared, addressing the challenges faced in their careers and how they were overcome through discipline and a positive mindset. Andrew, a versatile performer and founder of Grund Theatre, has acted in the National Theatre of Hungary, appeared in numerous television episodes, commercials, and films, and provided voices for various cartoon characters. Additionally, he has designed and conducted acting, improv, and communication training for numerous companies, organizations, and educational institutions, while also being a loving father of three and a devoted husband. As they continued their walk through Budapest's charming streets, they exchanged thoughts on maintaining a balance between pushing oneself in acting and finding other creative outlets to prevent burnout and promote a healthier work-life balance. The conversation provided valuable perspectives on acting, purpose, and navigating the challenges in one's career. Both Attila and Andrew benefited from the exchange, drawing inspiration and guidance for their ongoing journeys towards personal growth and fulfillment in the world of acting.
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